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Plastic Play Equipment

plastic play equipment

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More Plastic tee - 60 Watt Party EP - 2000 - Toronto band

More Plastic tee - 60 Watt Party EP - 2000 - Toronto band

More Plastic were on of Toronto's premiere live 5 piece bands of the late 90's/early 2000's. A rambunctious stage show that teetered on disaster and / or perfection,

This tee was released to help promote their excellent '60 watt party' EP and mini tour.

More Plastic drew influences from Soul, Mod, Rock, and Punk, and like a spawn of James Brown and Iggy Pop, singer Dean sterling led the crew through some fantastic shows that Torontonians member until this day.

The bands chemistry was excellent although some claims their shows were sonically unpredictable. Although I saw them play at least 20 times and came away loving them as much every time.

More plastic went on the 'I Vorgot to Vipe' aka 'Mutant Merchant Express' tour with their friends White Star Line in summer of 2002.

Drummer Andrew Iannen formed a side project with former Eric's trip bassist Tara, and while the band remained dedicated to each other and MP, even adding a Flashing Lights member on keys, the band seemed to have trouble getting things back in gear despite a "musicians musician' fan base.

More Plastic also played the final show at Toronto's 'proper' el Mocambo on Spadina Ave. (not the sickly refurbished venue) - an evening that spiralled out of control into kind a mini riot, where some patrons even attempted to make off with the neon sign and plenty of the club's decor and equipment.

I've been out of the loop these last few years so if anyone can fill in any blanks, please feel free!

What's in your backpack - portable podcasting

What's in your backpack - portable podcasting

The lifehacker post inspired me to post up what I normally pack up for shoutcasts and podcasts. I'll see how well tagging works, but Important components are the Kodak Zi 8 with wide angle lens and Zoom H4n Audio recorder (above the iPad), Plastic bag full of cables and adaptors inside a plastic box to help with faster cleanup, Portable charger and mic flag (above the cable box

plastic play equipment

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